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The Neuroscience Forefront

Five Towns Neuroscience Research stands committed to seek out well-designed trials that can help advance potentially beneficial drugs to market readiness while simultaneously offering our patients the latest scientific advances.

Rapid Turnaround

We work directly with sponsors and CROs and often work only with Central IRBs allowing for rapid turnaround on almost all critical aspects of clinical trails management.


We have the ability to review and prepare budgeting within days. Our top-down management system means cutting through levels of red-tape that make a majority of our sponsors and CROs find us refreshing to work with.

IRB Close Integration

As a largely outpatient facility we have the ability to work with Central IRBs and most often the IRB of choice for a given sponsor or CRO. Working with a central IRB can provide fast turnaround times and almost all research related issues and also allows for great transparency to enable our site to work closely with sponsor and CRO to meet all study and ethical expectations rapidly and with the highest standards met.

Clinical Trials Expertise

We've been in business for almost 20 years helping us become on of the Tri States' leading Neuroscience Research Facilities. We bring decades of combined experience and have experienced MD, PAs, NPs, RNs, LPNs and CRAs working hand in hand to get the job done.


We also have close relationships with most of the local clinicians enabling us to get the job done with ease

NYC Metro Area Location

New York truly is the greatest city in the world and we are within about 10 minutes from JFK airport and not much further from LaGuardia as well within driving distance of both Connecticut and New Jersey. 

We have access to some of the top health professionals and medical institutions in the country. There is very little we don't have easy access to for any study or patient that has almost any conceivable need.

Diverse Population Access

We are located on the South Shore of Long Island very close to where the Queens Borough of Long Island meets Long Island's Nassau County. We are within a 30 minute commute of about 5 million patients serving beyond the 4 closest counties.


We reach out to many underprivileged population groups that otherwise would not have access to clinical trials research and enables us to gain access to often untapped patients populations.

Years of Experience

We've been doing this for close to 20 years and for the most part have seen it all. We've learned a lot along the way and have probably at one point or another had to overcome setbacks. Our depth of experience over time has allowed us to develop protocols to manage through these difficulties. We pride ourselves on integrity and great science with high level accuracy and communication gaining hi scores for our patients and sponsors. 

If your organization is interested in recruiting a site to work on various neurologically-based clinical trials at all phases you should have our site in mind. 

Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss building a working relationship with your company.

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